A different space for gays to have fun that's actually real.

Yass NOW

A real gay newsletter that refreshes your homosexual soul
(and washes away your weekend sins).

Our Mission

To bring real gay men together

We envision a welcoming world where every gay feels the strength of his community behind him.

The Community

Inspiring. Genuine. Badass homosexuals.


today's gay institutions are built for sexual beings, not human beings.


in gay brains over gay dicks.


take ourselves too seriously!


gay and/or queer, but we're looking for something more fufilling than getting filled.

Yulee Newsome: Military, Yale MBA, CEO & Founder @CivCom
Ryan O'Connor: Harvey Milk Democrats
Roderick Allen: Interior Designer, Drag Queen
Michael Busche: Dancer, Scientist, Phd Candidate
Oli Perez: Fashion Design Student
Derek Kim:  D1 Swimmer, Analyst
Andrew Raffo: Consultant
Victor Huizar: Artist, Retail Manager
Cliff Harris (leg): Mobile Software Engineer

The Yass Commandments

Thou Shalt

Be woke

Be kind to others

Contribute to the community

Thou Shalt NOT

Be a thirsty predatory

Be a Regina George

Make others feel unwelcome

The San Francisco Yass House

What's here

Yass Gatherings

Gay AF art

Sick views & patio

Gay brains not gay dick.
Greg Reiner

Real good food and dranks

Inspiring, kind gays

Big, black chalkboards

Gays who want to get to know the real you.
Brian Tran

More art by gays and queers

Positive vibes

A big dog named Nancé


San Francisco, California

Mission District

(V close to Dolores Park)

Our community

Inspiring. Genuine. Badass homosexuals.

Who wanna get to know the real you.

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Yass NOW

A real gay newsletter that refreshes your homosexual soul
(and washes away your weekend sins).

Yass NOW

A real gay newsletter that refreshes your homosexual soul
(and washes away your weekend sins).

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Something V gay and fun is coming September 9th.

Community Agreement


This fabulous doc contains V important info on our homosexual community. Read all the way to the bottom! If you choose to sign your life (kidding), you'll become one with us. <3


  • What is Yass?
  • Our Community
  • The Yass Commandments
  • Our Beliefs
  • Manifesto
  • Pledge

Ipromise to uphold and honor the Yass community guidelines.

Welcome to a V new gay world :)

You're in! Now let's get the rest of your info.

Thanks, {{ agreement.name }}

Seriously. It means a lot that you believe in this. Can’t wait to meet you at one of our events. <3

Something V New is Coming

Give us your email, and we'll keep you posted!

Coming Spring 2018

A headquarters & hangout for today's generation of queer people to bring out the best in each other

Space is limited, so get on the waitlist now.

Who else wants in? 1,200+ so far...

We're dedicated to bringing all different kinds of fabulous ppl together. Membership dues flex based on your age and industry, so Yass is accessible to every “letter” plus more.

Meet some of our Founding Members

Nathan Harris
Men's Fashion Buyer
Kiara Harris
Designer, Tailor & Activist
Gerard Cortez
E! Entertainment Show Host
Brandon Tran
Food Photographer
Francesca Aloisio
Stem Cell Biologist
Brady Johnson
Trans Patient Counselor
Oli Perez
Fashion Design Student

Our Vision

Bars, clubs, and apps can be a sugar rush. We love them too, but sometimes we're looking for more.

Imagine instead, walking into a room filled with the queer role models you never had. Yass is this space. Designed to connect you to your community IRL, Yass is here to help make us smarter, stronger, and more fulfilled.

What we have for you

With your membership, you'll have access to our space, activities, and amenities, so you can live your best life.

Get TogethersRegular gatherings over delicious food & drinks.
Salon Talks & WorkshopsFrom painting to politics, always learn and do something new.
Library WorkspacesIt's always open for you to werk and read.
Hangout SpotsCatch up in the lounge or unwind with a sunset drink on the roof.
Opportunities to GiveGet involved! Volunteer with LGBT+ youth.
Mentorship ProgramTap into the Yass network through our mentor-mentee program.

Want Yass?

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